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VietCareer Employment Services

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Dear Sir/Madam,


It is my pleasure to introduce one of our Partners VietCareer Employment Services to you and your company.


VietCareer provides Free Employment Services to help employers, companies and businesses to find quality staff for their business.


I know you may question that how can that possible and how VietCareer Employment Services are better than others? That is a great question! VietCareer is a Profit Company, they charging their candidates when placing them into a workplace. These quality candidates are willing to pay a fee to help them to find their suitable employment. Because of that factor, all of them are keen and willing to work.


Moreover, VietCareer’s consultants have combined experience of more than 15 years in the employment and recruitment industry. They are confident in doing candidate selection and match the right candidate for the right job for your business. They guarantee that your satisfaction is the only outcome you can possible have.


VietCareer in corporate with Australian Jobspec can provide your business with the following services:


Free Employment Services

Payroll Services

Labour Hire Services

Recruitment Services

Job Advertising Services

Overseas Skilled Working Visa Services


Call VietCareer today to receive Free Consultation and Free Candidate Referral for your business need.


Yours sincerely,

Sean Le


VietCareer Employment Services

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